A sheep in wolf’s clothing

Traveling through different countries, cities, and towns during various seasons of life, you meet people with different personalities. Some are quite friendly and some are well, a bit intense. A few weeks ago, I read a book that stated the idiom “a wolf is sheep clothing” which refers to someone rebellious disguising themselves as a good person. This saying reminded me of the different people I have met over the few years I have spent on earth. Every now and then we talk about betrayal at its worst and how the traitors once appeared to be nice but were rebels in disguise. I’m sure we’ve all met people with this trait. Generally in movies there’s always that villain who became one due to some sort of unfortunate event and this is quite the same with us people in reality. Beneath that rebellious mask they hide themselves behind, is a normal person like you and I who’s probably being through traumatic experiences which leads them to conceal their real identities. So many circumstances put people in different situations which could lead them to take drastic actions to protect themselves and for some, take revenge and I think that many at times, we forget to look beneath the surface and understand people, an offense I am guilty of. A sheep in Wolf’s clothing Is what I like to call it. A phrase that describes more than half of the people in the world.

A sheep in wolf’s clothing

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